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Picnic pic 'n' mix

April 2012

From Vogue to Wired, we'd love to meet our favourite reads

Savvy fashion folk need to be in the know about Vogue’s first ever festival this month. Vogue will host a two-day talks programme featuring esteemed members of the industry, including designers Stella McCartney, Diane Von Furstenberg and noted photographer Tim Walker. Nigella Lawson will be in conversation with Kirsty Young, panels will answer pertinent questions such as whether fashion has an age limit, and Vogue’s editor Alexandra Shulman will interview the immaculate Tom Ford.

Vogue’s foray into live events is suitably on-trend. Publications are increasingly producing events and meeting their readership.

The Guardian opened its office doors to the public for two days in March and is set to host masterclasses on film, food and songwriting shortly.

Now in its second year, Wired magazine’s conference this October will appeal to eager techies. The price tag for magazine and newspaper events may well more than an annual subscription to their publication, but by drawing on their networks, publications are able to serve up a selection of speakers you actually want to listen to.

Go be a lecture junkie.